Chamber Members

Empower your office with a free enterprise data analytics solution, personalized and tailored to meet your business needs! Consistent, reliable data is critical to confident decision making and we deliver.

Help your business soar far past the competition, gain insights into your day-to-day processes, and work with one of the top 20 promising data analytics solution providers of 2018. Coanics® Analytic CRM and Reporting Systems are worry-free and require no software installation. Gain access to Coanics® from anywhere at any time. Our platform is stable, secure and ready to help you run your business today!


Unlock the benefits of a value-added partnership, drive membership growth, enhance, and demonstrate commitment to your members.

As an association you receive exclusive benefits for your association as well as for your members. By partnering with Coanics® ALL your members receive a discount on the Coanics® Analytic CRM. Receive training and tech support, store all of your most important data within the cloud, and enjoy a fully functioning CRM accompanied with the POWER of analytics.


Business Partners & Entrepreneurs

Manage your sales pipeline, build successful email campaigns, organize related contacts, cases, projects, documents, events, and more!

CAP Partners receive exclusive benefits for their business as well as their customers. Build your own team, set your own prices, and manage your own customers with our full support!

New CAP Partners