Intelligent Fundraising & Donor Experience Management

People don’t connect Non-profit with Business Intelligence a lot. However, using Business Intelligence tools like reports and dashboards can support a lot of strategic goals. For a lot of non-profits, they have limited resources, which makes allocating resources more crucial. Lack of data transparency makes it more difficult for organizations to conduct analysis themselves, and new FASB standards require transparency for all different aspects. Coanics® understand your organization’s concern, and we are right here helping you using our expertise.

Donation, Client Status & Event Planning Dashboards

Donation Fundraising Dashboard

Organizations want to understand their donors more, and the donors want to know how an organization is using the money or resources they donate. Donation Fundraising Dashboard shows the donor how their investment is being used within the organization, and the organizations can track the donation amount by month.

Historical Note Report

Do you make a second and third visit to clients? Need to know what was talked about in the last meeting? Historical Note Report comes in handy, keeps you in the loop even if a case was just transferred to you. Print function and timestamp are built in the report as well to help you record the meeting time, to provide access to your notes even without Internet access.

Client Status Dashboard

Closely monitor the number of enrollments, the number of open cases, and who is responsible for the cases. Clients Status Dashboard give managers an overview of the client's status daily.

Event Planning Dashboard

Analyze event responses, efforts made, and total attendees at once. Gives your organization a better understanding of the outcome for a specific event. As well as comparing other event outcomes, and point out how to make improvements in the future.

Charitable Business Advantages

501C3 Non-profit organizations can benefit from many business perks that help with the way they function. From money management, taxation benefits, partner investments, and joint ventures.

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