Harness customer and company data

We are surrounded by tremendous amount of data nowadays, and data is a substantial ingredient for retail success. The trend for Retail Industry is customers can get all the information they need online so they are requiring more from retailers than just the product itself. Here is where Coanics® comes in, we analyze the data about your stores, the products, the customers, and the promotions. Then we turn all your data into useful information, and display your information on the reports and dashboards. Benefiting your business, to make better decisions, and to add more personalization to your customer’s shopping experience.

Retail Business Intelligence Ideas

Brand Performance Analysis

We analyze the performance of each brand and category within your store, and use a more visual way to let you understand easily and clearly which brand is selling the most. You will be able to select the date or category you want to have a closer look at, and navigate through the reports to find the answers to your business questions about your detail brand performance.

Internal & External Effects on Retail Business Intelligence

Promotions is playing an important role in Retail, with many different promotion events, ever wonder which promotion event is working the best? How much profit you can earn for each promotional activity? We used simple reports and dashboards to help you analyze your promotion efforts and returned of investment easily.

Product Review

Imagine your clients can easily go through all the products you have in stock, can read all the detail, and all the ingredients of your products when they shop in store. That’s the new trend of retail industry. Our product review report can provide detail information of your products to help you better connect with your customers.

KPI Dashboards and Reports

Access deep data relative to sales per square foot, seasonal optimization of sales, trends in brands and promotions as well as enhanced data related to customer service.