We provide analytics driven software solutions

Our mission is to deliver accurate, timely information needed by business owners, managers, and professionals, to empower them with new insights to better navigate the economy and help them grow their businesses.

We are committed to working every day to help organizations that require performance, compliance, or contractual reports. As well as those that require automated alerts, exception, and status notifications. We utilize new and emerging technologies to provide value-based solutions, build long-term strategic relationships to ensure we offer our customers and partners the most affordable end to end innovative solutions and services.



The fuel for progress

Coanics views reporting as an essential business function that is vital in effective decision making. We are dedicated to delivering professional and affordable reporting solutions.

Our custom-built reports allow you to drill down into detailed information. They provide real-time data to help you better spot your potential business problems as well as provide the solutions to your specific questions.

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Real-time insight into your business at a glance

Our all-inclusive, time-saving, user-friendly business intelligence dashboards with real-time data delivery give insight into your business health.

At Coanics® we’re passionate about business intelligence dashboard design and analytics. We tailor our dashboards to your specific business needs and we work with companies of any industry.

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Basket Analysis

Send the right message and make the right impact

Basket Analysis is one of the most common and useful types of data analysis for marketing and retail industries. Basket analysis is used to determine what products customers purchase together. Knowing the products people purchase together can be helpful to a retailer or to any other company.

Basket Analysis offers you the ability to find product association. Allowing you to strategically place harmonizing products together. Knowing that a customer will be more inclined to purchase an item because of the item they originally wanted produces increased sales.

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Digital Signage

Send the right message and make the right impact

We integrate digital signage technology with business intelligence and reporting. We offer a complete package including content development and a combination of hardware and software that allows a single PC to manage multiple remote display devices.

One screen can be displaying a dashboard of live sales results at your meeting while another could be running a slideshow about current discount or specials for customers.

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Data Integration

Confidence in utilizing your data

Coanics® utilizes Microsoft's proven and scalable SQL Server Business Intelligence platform. Our consulting and development services include support for analytics applications, scorecards, dashboards, reports, analysis, data mining, online analytical processing, ETL, database programming, and digital signage integration.

Improve real-time visibility and decision-making support by providing easy-to-use online analytics and dashboards to help you understand the way your data impacts the well-being of your business.

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