Sales Professionals

Optimize Sales and Master the Pipeline

Are you tracking your sales numbers using excels still? Struggling to run your own charts and graphs to analyze your sales numbers? Is that simple, very general report that came with your subscription not detailed enough? To let you understand your sales pattern? Coanics can integrate with most of the main applications and software available to provide you specific, customized, informative reports or dashboards, that help you track sales growth, sales pipeline, and any important metrics you care about.

Daily Sales Overview Report

We use dashboards to track your real-time sales number and the insight into your daily sales. Drop-down boxes and the drill-in functions show you the detailed sales numbers as well as the overview. Allows you to monitor your sales team performance, present to your sponsors, and improve your results.

Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard

Managing your leads, and turning leads to a customer is as important as managing your sales numbers. Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard can help you manage your potential customers, your account managers performance, and your turnover ratio monthly.

KPI Metrics Tracking Dashboard

We provide an executive level dashboard to show you all your Key Performance Indicator metrics on one page. You don’t have to go to different pages to find all the information you need, a one-stop for all the numbers and ratios you need to understand your sales numbers.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Improve strategic decisions with data

Some challenges business owners face every day are finances, time management, and effective operation. Are you paying multiple software to do one task? Do you feel time is running you rather than you running it? Are you struggling with tracking your sales numbers, your clients, your potential growth? Let Coanics® do the work while you focus on your business development. We can analyze your data to provide more insight into your current business health, help you make some better business decisions.


Daily Sales Comparison Dashboard

Comparing your daily sales performance to give you more insight of increasing sales trend or decreasing one. Keeping close track of your sales can help you better react to your potential sales problems, let you know which product performs the best, and the difference between certain days, etc.

Customer Analysis

Finding your customers is already difficult enough, but keeping the customers are even more challenging. By analyzing your customers’ data, you can understand what kind of products or services each customer prefers. As well as, what kind of promotions that will attract which specific group of your customers.

Marketing Effort Tracking

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need to go to all those marketing social events, tradeshows to promote your own products. Have you ever wondered which effort you made got the most return out of it? Marketing effort tracking report tells you all about it.